Measurements for our standard bed cabinets, without crowns or side cabinets, are in the PRODUCT INFORMATION section of this website.


On the room plan shown below, mark the following:


1.         Location of all electrical plugs and light switches, phone or cable jacks, heating registers, vents, sprinklers, windows and doors (including the direction the doors open and how much floor space is required if the doors open into the room where the unit is being installed);


2.         Location and dimensions of any items which protrude into the floor space such as radiators, windowsills, fireplaces and hearths, built in items such as bookshelves, pony walls (walls which protrude into the room at two different depths) or bulkheads (finished walls or parts of the ceiling built around items such as pipes);


3.         Measure the wall width on the wall where you want to install the unit at the bottom, 1/3 of the way up, 2/3 of the way up and at the top of the wall.  Your wall may not be straight and we base unit size on the smallest wall width of these four measurements.


Note:  If you want to add a crown to the unit, allow extra width beyond that required for a standard bed cabinet.  We will discuss this with you in more detail when we review your choice of crown.


4.         Measure the floor to ceiling height of the wall where you want to install the unit.


Note:  If you want to add a crown to the unit, allow extra height beyond that required for a standard bed cabinet.  We will discuss this with you in more detail when we review your choice of crown.


5.         Indicate the placement of any items, which could interfere with the bed tilting in and out of the cabinet, especially light fixtures and ceiling fans.  Please provide measurements of the distance of those items from the wall where you want to install the unit.




6.         Side cabinets:  Do you want:


-          A pull out night stand? access to an electrical plug behind the unit for a lamp?

-          open shelving?  If so, would you prefer shelves that match the unit, or glass shelves?


7.         Wardrobes:


-          for clothes to hang properly, the wardrobe cabinet should be at least 24" wide or if narrower, at least 24" deep. 


-          if you want to store shoes in the wardrobe, ideally the main rod should be 67" - 72" from the floor. You may want a second hanging rod to use the space underneath for shorter hanging clothes. If so, allow 30" of hanging length from a rod for folded pants, or 52" for unfolded, for skirts allow 35" and for dresses (except long gowns) about 48" - 50".


-          upper shelves above the main rod should be at least 2.5" above the main rod so hangers are easy to remove.   Please let us know how many upper shelves you want to install and the distance between shelves.




8.         Is this new construction or a renovation?  Floors need to be finished before installing your bed. 


9.         Does the room have baseboards, if so what type, and can they be removed before we install the unit?  It is preferable to remove baseboards behind the unit but if you are a tenant or condominium unit owner, you may require permission to do this.


10.       Will the unit have to go up stairs?  If so, how many flights, and what are the stairwell dimensions?  Please let us know if we must put the unit up a spiral stairway. 


11.       Is there an elevator?


12.       What is the height and width of any doorways through which we will have to move the unit? A good "rule of thumb" to determine whether we might have difficulty installing the unit pre-assembled is whether you could bring a queen sized mattress into the space where the unit is to be installed.         


13.       Will you provide your own mattress?  If so, please have it available at the time of installation so we can adjust the springs properly to its weight.


            Note:  Unless we special order different hardware, the maximum mattress for our units should be 10", maximum widths and lengths should be the same as standard mattress sizes (Twin 39" x 75", Double 54" x 75", Queen 60" x 80", King 78" x 80").  Mattress vendors often state mattress depth before compression, so a mattress which is said to be 11" may be only 9" - 10" deep after compression.


14.       Arrangements for electricians - if any part of the unit will cover an existing electrical switch, plug, thermostat, or other item which must be moved, or if you need new electrical work done behind the unit (for example, so you can plug in a lamp that sits on a side cabinet shelf), please arrange for an electrician to complete this work before we come to install the unit.  The electrician should consult us before they do this work.  If a lighted crown molding is used, preferably the plug for it should be installed above the bed unit.


Insert sketch for measurements to be drawn on to - MARK WALLS "A", "B", "C"  & "D" and use a basic graph paper, show measurements of 1 square = 1 inch OR use the room arranger at Better Homes and Gardens®



Please provide us with your:


Name, address, phone, etc.

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