Is a Murphy Wall-Bed® easy to raise and lower?

The counter-balanced spring mechanisms of our genuine Murphy Wall-Bed® make the beds simple to raise and lower.  The bed takes between 5-10 lbs of pressure to move up or down, making the process quick and easy for anyone.

Can a Murphy Wall-Bed® be used every day?

Absolutely! Because the mattress does not fold (unlike a futon or sofa-bed), your Murphy Wall-Bed® will provide a comfortable night sleep for guests or for everyday use. With a rugged yet lightweight aluminum bed frame, our Murphy Wall-Beds® are designed for commercial or everyday use. Our aluminum bed frames support 2200 lbs of static weight.

Can I leave the bedding and pillows on the Murphy Wall-Bed® when I put it up?

Yes of course.  Your Murphy Wall-Bed® will tilt away completely made, making it easy for it to be ready when needed.  Just pull the bed down and it will be ready for you or your guests!

Can I use my own mattress on the Murphy Wall-Bed®?

Yes, Murphy Wall-Beds® use a standard size mattress to a maximum thickness of 10″ with our regular height leg system.  If you have a thicker mattress, we can generally accommodate that by building a deeper cabinet and using extended legs. We sell high-quality Sommex mattresses, made in Stellarton NS, which have been highly praised by our clients all across the Atlantic provinces.

Can storage units be added to the Murphy Wall-Bed®?

Yes! At Hide & Sleep Beds, everything we build is custom built for our individual customers. Our design consultants will work with you to design a unit which suits your needs and complements your space.

How does a Murphy Wall-Bed® fasten to the wall?

Our beds fasten to studs (either metal or wood) in the wall with two L-brackets and four screws. The Murphy Wall-Bed® is 16″ deep in a stand-alone cabinet or accessorized with complementary cabinetry.

What is the warranty on the spring mechanism of a Murphy Wall-Bed®?

As the exclusive Atlantic dealer for authentic Murphy Wall-Beds®, we are proud to offer an unmatched lifetime residential warranty. All hardware mechanisms are manufactured to exacting ISO 9002 specifications. We pride ourselves on excellence in design and manufacture. 

Can I take my Murphy Wall-Bed® with me when I move?

Yes. The beds are easily disassembled and can be moved to another room or another home. We also provide moving services if you are moving and want to take your Murphy Wall-Bed® with you.

Do you deliver and install?

Yes, we deliver and install across the Atlantic provinces.  When we leave your home, your Murphy Wall-Bed® will be ready for bedding! We also have customers who want to pick-up and install their own bed.  The beds come with easy to follow instructions for installation.

What is the lead-time needed to order my Murphy Wall-Bed® unit?

Every unit is built to order in our factory. We encourage customers to allow 4-6 weeks for delivery and installation depending on the complexity of the unit and the time of year.  We will work with you to meet your deadlines.

What are Murphy Wall-Beds® made of?

Our custom built Murphy Wall-Beds® are made of melamine, MDF or wood veneer plywood.  Once your design and color is chosen, the beds can be accessorized with real hardwood mouldings, crown mouldings, and side cabinetry options to match.